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Viagra has been used since 1988 by more than 23 million men to entertain erectile dysfunction. Since its introduction in 1988, Viagra was a great success. The power was intended to help men with impotence or erectile dysfunction of various degrees.

This weakness pill is a medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. We are talking about erectile dysfunction when the penis is not distressing (enough) will not remain rigid long enough to have. Satisfying sex or Viagra / Sildenafil relaxes devious blood vessels in the penis. So blood can flow more beyond into the penis when you are sexually excited, allowing... via Erection problems

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Cialis is a drug used to treat erection problems is. This is called an erection facer if a man can get an erection or maintain an erection can be a successful sexual dealings long enough. Following sexual stimulation Tadalafil (the active ingredient of this numb) helps to improve the erection. Can last up to 36 hours employee. Tadalafil It is important to note that Tadalafil does not work WHEN you no bodily stimulus.

Erectile dysfunction
An erection is caused by an interaction between the nerves and blood vessels in the penis. With sex stimulation, the arteries dilate and streams called erectile... via Erection problems

Inexorably....LIPID Hypothesis Debunked!

29 billion dollars, diabetes, liver malady, fertility issue, erectile dsyfunction, obesity, leaky gut and digestive disorders, Alzheimer's, glumness, mood swings, metabolic syndrome, PCOS, long-lasting fatigue, yeast infection, congestive heart deterioration, cancer, and a long list of other health diseases and symptoms. What do all of these strength conditions have in common? The huge long standing lipid-assumption which absurdly started about 50 plus years ago. It is also known as the 'ear-splitting cholesterol caused heart disease' hypothesis.

I have blogged a million of times regarding this topic, and hopefully, this will be the last and indisputable post about this whole insanity which has created a whole multitude of health problems and robbing our bank accounts. I would collect it a SPIDER-web effect, or perhaps a 'moon-size'... via Are you too lazy to live?

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